Today, when the foreign language can not be denied, our classes are 6 to 8 students at MARLA, based on the contribution that few students have made to learning. Instructional techniques and visual and auditory materials appropriate to the age and level of the student are supported. MARLA aims not only to learn grammar but also to put the learned into practice in language teaching. For this reason, classroom speech and role-play activities are performed. With the education provided by Marla, many students who can easily communicate in English can continue their education at summer schools with many schools where Marla is abroad. The Marla Language Center, which is experienced in studying abroad, helps its students in this regard.

  • 4 – 6 Years English Education Programs (4 Hours a Week)
    In our pre-school and first-year groups, different training methods are applied according to their age and level, since they are not yet literate. Students who are supported by visual and auditory materials play games, learn words without knowing their mother tongue, and then begin to learn English patterns. Every week the lessons learned are repeated and lessons begin. New topics are also spirally blended with subjects previously learned by students. Students who have developed a solid English language background will be able to learn topics quickly and master many languages ‚Äč‚Äčeasily in the following years.
  • 7-13 Age Group English Education Programs for Elementary School Students (6 HOURS PER WEEK)
    Foreign language resources are used in elementary English groups and ways other than traditional education methods can be made more active for students. The classes are used in games, animations and quiz shows in the classroom in order to make the courses more colorful, not forgetting the learners and making the students willing to learn the language. Thus, active participation of students in the classroom is provided and they can see English as a fun activity instead of necessity. In addition, students can benefit from the many qualifications in our library and their age, both during the training period and during summer holidays. In addition, students are encouraged to revise their school subjects and study for exams to receive higher grades in some of our courses during the exam periods.
  • 14-18 Age Group English for Young People Training Programs (4 HOURS / 6 HOURS)
    Reinforcement courses for schools and exams opened on request by students with mostly English language training and those with a career plan in English are progressing in parallel with the students’ school and exam curricula. The students consolidate the subjects they work in their schools and they realize their shortcomings and complete them with efficient work. In addition to school books, there are many different exercises to support the topic, and students are directed to talk and overcome the difficulties.