Dating Party

Every year, the first or second week after the beginning of the lesson, the old and new students are introduced. By participating in the activities we have prepared, students who recognize both Marla and her new friends welcome Marla’s year-round fun English courses

New Year’s party

The new year is welcomed with enthusiasm by all the students. All classrooms are decorated with pupils weeks in advance. Of course, the Christmas tree is not forgotten either. As the new year approaches, a party is organized for all of our students to attend. Pinata are blown, games are played, gifts are given. Students, parents and Marla’s team write the wishes for the New Year and hang on to the “New Year Wishes”.

Semester Party

After an intense four-and-a-half-month training period, students are awarded certifications to qualify for the courses they have shown to be successful and to participate in the course. The jugglers and animators join in the party and enjoy energy for the 2nd semester, then they will save energy for 2 weeks.

May Picnic

In May, the spring is being tasted in a picnic organized with the participation of parents and students. These activities, which are held in picnic areas within a few hours distance to Istanbul, are as enjoyable as children.


Year-end Party

After a long year, the students are leaving again with a party from Marla. They are cheerful with a fun party when they get their tickets and certificates showing their performance in the second half. There are various games and shows accompanied by this party.