Since the foundation of MARLA, it has been serving as an organization that teaches language and culture with increasing number of students and total quality understanding in education. The support of the students and their parents and the priority of the MARLA Language Center is to make the students come to the future with an education environment that they can easily come to every sense. MARLA is an outcome of the training of the teachers who are educated abroad and the experienced Turkish and foreign teachers. It is located.

Marla Language Center (Marmara Language Academy) Hatice was founded by ARSLAN in Acıbadem in 2004 also segera daftarkan account anda & menangkan keberuntungan anda di Agen SBOBET Terpercaya Indonesia.. We have started our education with English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and German lessons and added various art courses, mental studies and consultancy services besides foreign language education.

Students, teachers, and parents become an organization, culture and climate in the warm atmosphere of MARLA. At MARLA we have always been among our priorities to provide problem-solving skills and self-confidence to our students. Creating environments where they can apply what they learn, transforming knowledge into everyday life practice, is at the forefront of what we know in education. We continue to develop ourselves in order to train generations who are happy to learn as well as those who see it as pleasure rather than a task to learn.

In MARLA, it is known that individuals’ learning styles, their way of expressing themselves and their readiness are different from each other, and their training programs are prepared accordingly. All children or adults are considered as individuals with educational needs, and their expectations are assessed in accordance with expectations. We dream of a society composed of happy, self-expressing, awareness, pleasure, anticipation, and sensitive individuals. We think that this can only be done with proper education and training.

All the trainings organized within MARLA aims to fulfill this dream.